Why Fall is the Best Time to Begin Your Sugaring Hair Removal Routine.

I’m sure we can all agree that fall and winter is that time where you don’t have to worry about shaving or waxing your legs. Wearing jeans, leggings, sweaters, long sleeves, and tights become part of our main clothing attire, so of course, your arms and legs won’t ever be shown during these seasons. Aside from that, fall and winter is the best time to get your sugaring hair removal routine started. The benefits of sugaring during this time will reward you during the warmer temperatures. That benefit is long-lasting results.
Hair grows in 3 different cycles:
  • Anagen is the first stage in the hair growth cycle. This stage is known as the active and growing phase of your hair. It is the longest phase with the hairs lasting about 3-5 years but could last longer. Your hair follicles are pushing out hair that will continue to grow until it is cut, or it has reached the end of the lifespan and will fall out.  
  • Catagen is the second stage in the hair growth cycle. This stage is known as the transition phase because your hair follicles shrink, and the hair growth slows down. This cycle lasts about 10 days. The hair separates from the bottom of the follicle and remain in place until its final days of growing.
  • Telogen is the third stage in the hair growth cycle and lasts around 3 months. New hairs begin to form in the follicles that have just released hairs during the catagen phase. Hairs don’t grow during this phase, and they also don’t usually fall out either.
The growth cycle plays a big role in getting those long-lasting results from sugaring. The best time to sugar is during the anagen phase, which is the first stage the growth cycle. When hair is continuously removed from the full depth of the follicle, the structures that surround the hair follicle that plays a major role in hair growth begins to weaken. If you sugar during the last phase of the hair growth cycle, the ‘hair free period’ won’t be long-lasting because new hair during the anagen phase will be growing underneath that hair that will be pulled out..
Yes, long-lasting results is a great benefit to sugaring during the fall and winter, but there are other great benefits to doing so.
The hair growth will be reduced which means that every time you sugar, less hair will growth back, the hair will be finer, and with a kept-up routine, it can lead to permanent results. Sugaring will make you say goodbye to the winter skin and hello to beautiful, smooth, and glowy skin. Sugaring not only removes the hair from the follicle, but it also exfoliates the skin. The sugar is molded onto the skin and when it is removed, it takes all the dead skin cells with it, leaving you with a healthy, smooth skin. During the winter, one of the reasons of why you may have dry, cracked skin is because any lotions or creams that are applied aren't being absorbed into the skin due to dead skin build-up.
Another benefit is less ingrown hairs. Shaving plus tight clothing is an excellent combination in creating ingrown hairs. Shaving can cause those cut hairs to curl back into the skin and tight clothing doesn’t give the skin enough room to breathe and can also lead to razor burns and bumps. As you wear continuously wear tight clothes, the hair that is beginning to grow will become trapped which will then lead to ingrown hairs. Having a sugaring routine that is kept up will reduce ingrown hair significantly. Lastly, having smooth, bare skin whether it be your legs, arms, chest, back, face, or bikini area all year round is a great bonus.
Each sugaring sessions is spaced out 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. It can take about 3-4 sessions for your skin to be adjusted to sugaring and gives enough time for your hair growth to be on the same track. As a reminder, it will take time for all the shaving stubble, irritation, and bumps to disappear, but what is important is that you are on the right track to those awesome benefits as you continue your routine as scheduled without skipping treatments especially for long periods of time. When your skin becomes adjusted and you begin to see long lasting hair-free periods which can lead to permanent results in certain areas, your sugaring sessions will mainly be ‘maintenance’ sessions. So why not start the process now to get you ready for spring and summer?
Our WELLB Smooth Kit comes with all the materials you will need for your personal sugaring session in the comfort of your home. The Smooth Kit comes with THE SUGAR, THE POWDER, THE BALM, and for your first kit, you will receive the re-usable sugar wax cloth strips. With this kit, you will have access to our ‘How To Guide’ that will walk you through step by step along with a product guide/ingredient benefits since THE BALM and THE POWDER are multi-purpose products that have many other uses aside from sugaring.
You can find THE SMOOTH KIT on our website by clicking the link here >> WELLB SMOOTH KIT.
Once you finish THE SUGAR, you can always purchase more online if you don’t need to purchase the whole kit. If you would like more information on our hair removal products, you can find it by clicking the link >> WELLB HAIR REMOVAL.
Our WELLB product line is made with natural ingredients with great benefits for your skin and body because your health and well-being is very important to us.
Don’t be afraid to start your sugaring sessions now! Once you start, you won’t regret it.
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