What is sunless tanning? How does it differ from sun tanning, tanning beds, & self-tanners?

When we want to achieve a nice quick tan, we often get stumped on what is not only better for our skin, but which will help get that nice tan color without it looking ‘fake’. There are several choices to choose from: sunless tanning, tanning bed, self-tanners, and sun tanning. Each of these forms of tanning differ greatly from each other, but how?
Sunless tanning, also known as spray tanning, is the safest way of achieving a natural glow without harming your skin with UV rays. Self-tanners are applied with a cream or solution that works with your skin to give you a quick glow that can last a day or up to a week. Tanning beds use a long device to lay on that emits UV rays to produce your tan. Sun tanning is exposure to the sun’s UV rays to tan the skin.
Sunless tanning and tanning lotions both have one common ingredient known as DHA. DHA works with the amino acids in the surface of your skin which causes it to darken.
Tanning whether it be by bed or sun both expose your skin to UVB and UVA rays, but are they both safe? No. Tanning beds are worse than tanning from the sun because those UV rays are absorbing into your skin at a closer distance than it does from the sun. They both come with the same risks: skin cancer, sunspots, premature aging, sun burns, eye damage, and skin damage.
If you are choosing to suntan, please be sure to use the proper mineral sunscreen to avoid these risks. Mineral sunscreens act as a barrier on your skin to block those harmful UVA and UVB rays before they even touch your skin. Our WELLB ® SPF 30 is a high micro mineral sunscreen that does that job exactly. Regular drugstore sunscreens unfortunately end up attracting those rays no matter how high of an SPF it is rather than have it reflect off your skin and it needs to be applied 30 minutes prior to the sun exposure.
Click here for more information on the WELLB ® SPF 30.
The best way to avoid these risks is to go the route of either sunless tanning or self-tanners.
Sunless tanning is usually done by a machine, but what differs at BARE SUNLESS is each tan is done by a certified tanning artist. BARE SUNLESS was founded by the co-owner of THE WELLB COMPANY, Tania Garza. The reason why she started BARE SUNLESS was to help others achieve a natural and beautiful glow without all the harsh chemicals that are found in regular solutions at other tanning studios. BARE SUNLESS tanning solutions are made as natural as it can be that is a healthier choice for your body. Each tan is customized to your own needs with color options and rinse times without giving the fake ‘orange’ look and leaves you with an even, contoured, and streak free tan. The DHA in their solutions work with your body’s chemistry to give you a beautiful glow. You have the option of coming into the studio or choose the mobile service.
If you are interested in booking an appointment or have any questions, please feel free to visit their website at
Looking for a self-tanner to do in the comfort of your own home? The TAN by WELLB is an excellent choice. The TAN is a self-tanning solution that, just like BARE SUNLESS is made with ingredients that are healthier for your body and created to be as natural as it can be. For first timers, THE TAN comes with a small brush to apply the solution to your skin and is rinsed off depending on the color you are wanting to achieve. When maintained, your tan can last up 7-10 days. To help keep it maintained, it is recommended you follow the pre and post instructions. The WELLB also has THE GLOWY KIT that comes with all the products you will need: THE TAN, THE POWDER, THE BALM.
If you would like more information on both THE TAN and THE GLOWY KIT, please click on the following links: THE TAN & THE GLOWY KIT
In conclusion, whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter, we all want to have beautiful glow all year round, but what’s important is how we achieve that tan. Choosing the best solution that is better for your skin and body is very important, not only in the present, but in the future when it comes to sun exposure risks. Sunless tanning and self-tanning are the better solution. Of course, it is hard to avoid the sun, especially here in Texas, so remember to always choose a mineral sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply it underneath your make-up and if you plan to be out in the sun for several hours, be sure to apply it every 2 hours.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and shine on!
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