Top 5 Boots for Minimalists

Top 5 Boots for Minimalists

When it comes to hiking, I believe the most important item [we can all agree on] are... BOOTS! Choosing the type of hiking boots is essential because who wants their feet hurting halfway through the hike when there’s still the rest of the way and back? Not me! I will be discussing the top 5 best durable minimalist hiking boots, and they are worth every penny.

1. Xcursion Hiking Boot

The Xcursion, made by Xero boots, are one of the boots that many men and women have raved about. They are completely waterproof, lightweight, and the toe box is wide enough to spread your toes. These boots are extremely flexible to give you a wide range of foot movement, and a high traction with an adjustable strap to secure your foot. These boots are great for any excursion.. no pun intended. For more information on these boots, click on the link: Men or Women.

2. Altama Maritime Assault Mid

The Altama Maritime Assault Mid boots are military boots that were made to endure all water tactical operations. The air mesh linings will keep your feet dry because it draws out moisture quickly from your foot. As a bonus, the insole doesn’t absorb any water and the outsole is made of SEAL sticky rubber to help provide steady high traction. Located in the front is a non-metallic port that will allow water to drain when your foot is flexed. For more information on these boots, click here.

3. Merrell Ontario Waterproof

Merrell Ontario Waterproof is a clean boot that is made with fully grain leather and a sticky grip that is ready for any traction that you may need on your hike. It is made with a breathable mesh lining that will help keep moisture out with an impermeable membrane to block out water. If you are looking for a heel that is made with an air cushion to provide stability and absorb shock, these boots are for you. For more information on these boots, click on the link: Men or Women.

4. Women's Keen Terradora 2 Waterproof Mid

These hiking boots, made by L.L. Bean, are lightweight boots that are designed for women. These boots are made with a breathable meshing line to help lock out moisture. The cushion not only provides stability, but comfort to bring ease to your feet when hiking. Not only is the sole cushioned, but so is the ankle to give you the support needed for all day adventure. The outer rubber sole was made to give great traction with a toe guard to protect your toes. These boots will be your new best friend! For more information on these boots, click here.

5. Women's Trail 2650

The Trail 2650, made by Danner, adds a sporty look to the average hiking boot for a walk or run on the trail. They are made with a breathable mesh lining and leather textile to give comfort, blocks out moisture, and provides durability. These shoes are not waterproof, however, the outer sole is made with a grip that is excellent for both wet and dry surfaces and the insole is made with 3 layers of cushion and open-cell polyurethane for heat dissipation and support. For more information on these boots, click here.

If you have been or will be researching great minimalist hiking boots, I hope this list can help make your decision a bit easier. May all you hikers, beginners and advanced, stay safe each time, remember to stay hydrated, and enjoy the view!

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