Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

When it comes to say that America has become a landfill is a bit of an understatement. Did you know that average American will dispose of around 600 times their weight in garbage and one individual person will produce over 4lbs of trash? Without doing the calculations, you can already picture that this is a lot of waste and landfill space. Now, what can we do to help make the environment cleaner and reduce the amount of waste not only for us, but for the land and sea animals?
Using the 3 R’s of waste management: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. When we start reducing, it means we are cutting back on the amount of waste we generate. Reusing means we are finding new ways to use the things we would normally throw out. Recycle means that as a community, we turn something old and useless such as plastic, wood, metal scraps, paper, etc., into something that is new and useful.
Below are 10 ways of how we can make that happen.
1.  Start reusing. Instead of using plastic bags, we can bring reusable bags whenever we go shopping. It doesn’t have to be just to the grocery store, but also retail stores. Doing this will avoid the amount of plastic bags being used. Do you have old clothes or household items? Donate for a good cause and receive a tax deduction, give to someone you may know that might need it, or have a garage sale.
2. Shop with purpose. Purchase products that are easy to recycle and avoid buying items that are individually wrapped. Instead, buy in bulk. Before putting an item in your cart, take a look at the bottle and see if it had the word recycle on it or can it be cleaned and reused into something else?
3.  Composting your food scraps and yard waste. If you’re not familiar with composting, it is a natural process that combines the waste and turn it into fertilizer for your yard and plants.
4.  Start recycling. Almost 90% of Americans can have their recycled items picked up curbside. Separating both trash and recycled items helps manage the waste efficiently.
5.  Go paperless. Most stores give the option to have your receipt sent to you by mail and many companies allow you to see your bill online rather than receive it by mail. Choosing to go this route electronically helps reduce the amount of paper and waste being use.
6.  Using multi-purpose products helps reduce the number of products in your home, plastic bottles, and less clutter.
7.  When packing your lunch, avoid using little plastic bags for the food or a plastic bag as a lunchbox. Instead use a reusable lunchbox and food container.
8.  Using reusable water bottles and straws instead of plastic bottled water and plastic straws.
9.  Before throwing something away, think about if it can be reused into something else. Old towels can be used a wash rag, glass jars or plastic containers can be used for storage, plastic bottles or toilet paper can be used as a bird feeder.
10.  Something that I’ve started doing is: using cute reusable bags instead of the paper gift bags.
These are just several of the many ways of what we can do to help make the environment cleaner with less waste. It’s great to know that many have started doing the above and slowly, but surely we will get there. If you haven’t seen the show ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’ on Netflix, it is a great show. The show is about exploring the world and seeing the ways that other countries live healthy and sustainable lives. There are a couple of episodes that are regarding renewable energy efforts, water systems, and pollution reducing. Hopefully one day, America can get to that level.  
Also, if you go visit a business, ask if they have a recycling program. One of the great things about THE WELLB COMPANY is that we have one! THE WELLB CO Recycling Program allows you to recycle your bottles and jars and when you bring in 7 empty bottles, you get 1 product FREE. There are a few notes to this recycle program.
·It must be a uni-size container
·Not available for the trial sized containers (however these can still be recycled with THE WELLB CO as well)
·Free product up to $38 value
·We accept both bottles and jars of our personal care collection
Speaking of our personal care collection, each item serves as a multipurpose product which falls under the reduce category and the containers fall under the reuse and recycle categories.
It’s never too late to start helping make our environment cleaner. If you already are or starting to, we thank you!
By reducing, reusing, and recycle, we will begin to renew the environment we live in, not only for ourselves, but for our family, future families, nature, and its animals.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
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