Are Natural Skincare Products Really "All Natural"?

Have you ever gone to the store, whether it be the grocery store, drugstore, Ulta, etc, looking for a natural product, but when you turn the bottle over to look at the ingredients, you see a big list of ingredients that you cannot even pronounce? Do you start questioning whether the product that claims to be natural, is really truly natural? Well, you’re not alone. The truth is not all-natural products are indeed all-natural.
Common ingredients such as water and coconut oil that are found in products such as shampoo, body wash, facial cleansers, moisturizers, and other skin care products can be mixed with synthetic chemicals and be processed into new things. These chemicals can cause cancer and disrupt hormones.
Many products labeled as "natural products" contain chemicals that are known carcinogens. Carcinogens is a substance that can cause cancer. There is one product that we use every single day that is harmful to our bodies. That product is deodorant. Deodorant can contain aluminum which builds up and is stored in fat cells. Sunscreen is another important product that can contain nanoparticles of carcinogens. Nanoparticles are very small, so they are able to cross the blood brain barrier, seep into organs, cause free radicals in skin cells, and damage the DNA. It is not required nor mandatory for nanoparticles to be listed on product labels.
If you would like to avoid using products with carcinogens, it is recommended to avoid the ingredients listed below:
Fragrance, parabens, petrolatum, petroleum, polyethylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ceteareth, triceteareth, retinyl palminate, aluminium, formaldehyde releasers, diazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, quaternium, synthetic colors and dyes, glycol that can be labeled as propylene and butylenes, mineral oil, talc, siloxanes, and DEAs that are also labeled as diethanolomine, cocamide, and lauramide.
When it comes to products that can disrupt your hormones, it is recommended to avoid products containing triclosan, oxybenzone, octinoxate, petrolatum, petroleum, and sodium laurate sulfate, also known as SLS. SLS mimics estrogen and overtime will cause your hormone levels to be higher than normal. The percentage of this ingredient being found in personal care products and cleaning products that foam is at 90%.
Fully natural products have a short shelf life. In order to expand the length of the shelf life, preservatives have to be added to these products. Yes, there are natural preservatives, such as natural antioxidants, to preserve the product, but it does not prevent the product from developing bacteria, yeast, or mold unless that preservative is synthetic. Preservatives used in natural products can be dangerous to your health because it can cause skin irritations, organ and reproductive toxicity. Germaben, Germaben II, and liquapar oil are among the preservatives that can be found in natural products.
I can admit that several years ago, I truly believed the products that claimed to be natural were truly all-natural until I did my research, and I couldn’t believe the amount of chemicals that can be found in these types of products. When it comes to products, I tell myself don’t trust the marketing and cute "green" labels, trust the ingredient list.
THE WELLB COMPANY truly believes in the health and well-being of its family and that includes YOU. Gabriel and Tania, the co-founders of THE WELLB COMPANY, put in a lot of time and patience when it came to developing their product line and it is something they are truly proud of. These natural products not only benefit your body, but also the environment with their eco-friendly glass containers and promoting simple living by creating these products for multi-purpose use to help you save money and space. I have every single product of this line and it makes me feel at ease knowing the product I am putting on my skin is not harmful to my body.
Below are a few of the organic products from THE WELLB CO product line along with their ingredients (that you and I can pronounce) and what it can be used for.
/// THE BALM®     >>> click to view
Purpose: a facial moisturizer, a body moisturizer, an after shave, an after sugar, a beard moisturizer, a hand moisturizer & a primer underneath make-up.
·organic olive oil
·organic jojoba oil
·organic beeswax
·organic essential oil blend
/// THE OIL®     >>> click to view
Purpose: a facial cleanser, a facial moisturizer, a makeup remover (including waterproof make-up!), a body moisturizer, a beard cleanser, a beard oil, a cuticle oil & a hair oil.
·organic olive oil
·organic jojoba oil
·tamanu seed oil
·camellia seed oil
·organic hempseed oil
·wheat germ
·sea buckthorn oil
·organic essential oil blend
/// THE SPF30®     >>> click to view
Purpose: a tinted SPF 30, a facial bb cream, a facial foundation, a facial primer (for sun protection & added coverage), & a body SPF 30.
·organic extra virgin olive oil
·high micron zinc oxide (77497) (natural earth mineral) 25%
·wild crafted candelilla wax (plant based)
·iron oxides (77492, 77491, 77499) (natural earth mineral)
·organic jojoba oil
·potassium carbonate (natural earth mineral)
/// THE POWDER®      >>> click to view
Purpose: a daily body powder, a post self-tan powder, a prep powder for hair removal, a dry shampoo & a powder for intimate areas.
·organic arrow root powder
·kaolin clay
·orris root powder
·a blend of essential oils
/// THE SUGAR®       >>> click to view
Purpose: a hair removal paste & an exfoliating paste. The exfoliation happens in conjunction with the hair removal as part of the same process.
·organic sucrose
·distilled water
·citric acid
/// THE TAN®       >>> click to view
Purpose: a self-tanner, a self-tanning mousse, a tan extending moisturizer & a facial foundation.
•eco-cert approved dihydroxyacetone (DHA)
•propylene glycol
•indian goose berry extract
•goji berry extract
•açaí berry extract
•fig extract
•glycerin (plant derived 99.9% kosher)
•cosmetic bronzers
•a blend of essential oil
If you would like to try out THE WELLB CO product lines, we do offer trial kits. Click on the link for more information.
It is very important to know exactly what we are putting on our bodies. Yes, there are scientific names for certain ingredients, but when those ingredients take up almost half of the bottle, you do start to question how natural the product is. I believe the less ingredients, the more natural the product. If you have time after reading this or if you’re busy, make a little reminder to look at the products you have at home and see if the ingredients contain any of the synthetic chemicals and preservatives that are listed above. It’s never too late to start switching out products for something that is healthier for you and your family (especially when it comes to personal care products).
May you all have a wonderful day. Peace, Love, & WELLB.
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