Pet Friendly Throw Pillows.

Pet Friendly Throw Pillows.

When having a pet(s), it can be easy for them to overrule the household, so it is important to make it a safe and happy home. Pillows that are pet friendly is a great asset to have at home without the worry of having to throw them away if it can’t easily be cleaned. The most important question to keep in mind when shopping for throw pillows is: are they washable? Is the pillowcase removable? What type of material is the pillow? Can it be easily cleaned? Below are a few great pet friendly pillows that answer those questions.

HPUK linen pillows are a great pet friendly choice. They have a variety of patterns to choose from and you can easily remove the case and toss it into the washer. These pillows come in a set of 4 at an affordable price. The fabric is made from polyester, is durable, won’t fade or have wrinkles, and it is eco-friendly. You can find these pillows straight on Amazon! Check them out here.

Now if you are the type of person that must have a dog theme pillow, *raising my hand*, these pillows would be hard to resist. They are 100% polyester made, has a removable pillowcase, and you have the option of purchasing only the cover or the cover with the insert. These pillows are made by Rescue Dog 101 and 10% of each purchase gets donated to a local dog in need. To purchase a pillow, visit the website here.

P.L.A.Y is a brand that is specifically made for pets. Not only do they make beds for our awesome fur babies, but they make pillows for us humans as well. These pillows are durable due to excellent stitching, easy to clean because both the cover and filler can be washed, and it is eco-friendly. It is a bit pricy, but worth the buy! Nothing says pet friendly than an eco-friendly pillow that you can put on the couch or bed. If you’re tempted to get one of these P.L.A.Y pillows like me, check out their website.        

Pets give a unconditional love through unspoken words and they help make a place to call home. Decorating your home with pet-friendly décor that is both cozy and convenient for you and your pet is one less thing you have to stress about when it comes to cleaning. Just remember that when you’re shopping, to keep your furry babies in mind.

"Pets are bundles of love wrapped in fur."

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