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How to transform your home into a sanctuary.

As a place that is used to relax & often escape from the hustle & bustle, our home needs to evoke peace & serenity. You will find that making a few modifications in your homes organization, decor & space you too can create this feel good mood for your everyday. 

1. Organization.

Make organization work for you.  Most often we organize a space to create that perfect aesthetics but we leave out functionality. Creating a space with both aesthetics & functionality in mind is the winning combination to an organized home. 

2. Plants.

Bring in all the greenery! Indoor plants are not only great for keeping the air in your home clean but they also keep your mind at ease. Indoor plants are known to reduce stress and boost your mood making them the perfect home addition. 

3. Natural Light.

Open up the curtains dust off the blinds & let it shine!  There is something magical about the sun beaming through your windows, creating that beautiful light in your home. Don't be afraid of letting some light in, it will boost your mood & wake you right up.

4. Pillows.

Who doesn't love pillows?! [ Gabe, for one. I know, I don't get it either. Anyway. ] Pillows are such an amazing way to instantly cozy up your space. If you are like Gabe [ my husband ] then do what I do. I have "functional, but good looking" pillows that we use on our bed & a couple that we use on our couch { that our dogs use as well, well mainly daisy lol ].  Since now they are technically serving a purpose they have a place in our home for both function & aesthetics.

[ Side note: make sure to read our blog post on Pet friendly pillow, lots of good info there! ]

5. Create a "YOU' spot. 

Creating a space [ or spot ] just for you is so important in transforming your home into a sanctuary. Discover what it is that makes you happy , wether that be reading a book to wind down, having a cup of tea or keeping up with the latest news.  Whatever your happy moment is create your designated space to enjoy that moment. Having a designated space for that moment will make you want to come back to that space each and every day. 

6. Natural Decor Elements

Keep your decor neutral & natural. Remember that everything you bring in to your home will have an impact in your mood, your stress level & your productivity. When choosing your decor try to go for neutral colors that are easy on the eye, this will keep your zen mood, your stress level low & your productivity levels high. 

7. Designate a work only zone & keep the rest of the home stress free.

This is a must, I feel like this is one of the most important ones specially in todays work from home environment. Make sure to keep your zen space & your work space separate, by doing so you create a space of productivity and a space where you can leave the stress behind. It also helps with not working longer hours that what you should be. 

8. Work in your yoga mat in your living space.

Storing your yoga mat in your living space serves as a reminder to do your daily, or weekly yoga practice. I find that when the yoga mat is stored in the closet I tend to forget & not practice nearly enough. 

9. Incorporate scent into your home.

Scent it such an important part of creating that sanctuary retreat . Choose a scent that makes you feel cozy & relaxed. For us we love the nature scents and tent to pick scents that stimulate that feeling. We currently use home cologne [ al fresco & veranda ] from SOULAR THERAPY. You can find their collection of home colognes here.

10. Bath-time Bliss 

Turn your bath-time into a relaxing ritual.  Keep a dimmed lamp or some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere during your bath time. Even if it is a quick 15 minute bath when you have everything in place you are not consumed by preparing the space and enjoy your you time. 


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