5 Multipurpose Home Decor Pieces for Small Spaces

5 Multipurpose Home Decor Pieces for Small Spaces

In my home, having multipurpose décor in order to minimize the clutter and keep the open space is always at the top of my list. Not only will it help save you money, but it will make you feel that a small space in your home will seem much bigger. When you have small space in your home, whether it be a studio apartment, or a bedroom, it is important to find the right kind of decor that has a that won't take up a lot of space. In this blog, I will be going over 5 great multipurpose home décor pieces for small spaces.

1. Small Benches

These benches give such a simple and clean look without adding too much. Not only do these benches serve as a place to sit on, but you can use it as a side table, a footrest (which is a must for me), step stool, etc.

IG: @wood.crafting

2. Wellb Shoe Ladder

This ladder serves as a space to place to help keep your shoes and boots off the floor. I’m sure you may be thinking that shoe shelves can serve the same purpose, but what differs from this ladder is those shelves do take up a lot of space. With this shoe ladder, you can have much more floor space, which is an A+ in my book.

3. Wellb Mini Ladder

The mini ladder is the fun size version of the shoe ladder. You can keep the mini ladder by your front door to place your shoes as you come in or if you like to work in the back yard, you can also have one by the back door to avoid bringing in dirt. If you have little ones, it can be a useful décor to place your kid’s shoes. Easier access for them to grab and place back.

4. Tree Bookcase

How crafty and creative is this bookshelf compared the average bookshelf that hides a good portion of your wall? Not only does this bookshelf hold your books, but it still leaves open spaces without the unwanted clutter.

IG: @wood.working

5. Phone & Accessories Station

There is nothing better than having one single place to hold your everyday necessities without having to wonder where several items are placed in your home. It can be placed in your room, by the front door, or kitchen. It even has a tiny place to slide your charger through to charge your phone. If you love organization or feel like you need to be a bit more organized, this is a great item to get.

The less clutter the better. Having multipurpose décor and furniture is even better, especially for small spaces. Having décor, furniture, and products that free up space by having 1 single item serve and function in a variety of ways definitely helps make it much easier and less stressful. I hope these ideas helped give you an idea of what to look for when it comes to adding decor pieces into small spaces. If you have any multipurpose décor in your home, comment below what you have!

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