Mid-Year Check-In

Hello again WELLB family,
It has been 6 months since New Years and I would like to do a mid-year check in with you all to see how you have been doing since.
Last year was such an overly stressful year and now it seems that things are starting to slowly go back to normal. I rather things be returned slowly than all at once. It seemed like it was just one thing after another. Last year, the pandemic began and this year we had the Texas winter storm in February. It was such a great relief that even though we live in the world that we do, when something like this happens, we can all come together as a nation and community to help each other out whether it be water, food, blankets, shelter, firewood, necessities, etc.
Dealing with a pandemic, plus the storm here in Texas, it is totally understandable with losing focus on those goals and resolutions from New Year. With things thankfully calming down, have you been able to resume your New Years resolutions? I believe it is very important to not stress on making sure we keep up with our resolution. A resolution isn’t supposed to be something that you dread. It supposed to be something that you know will come naturally and it is something that you’ll love doing. Are you wanting to start multi-purposing, de-cluttering, buying with purpose, finding different ways to make exercising fun, trying yoga, hiking, making time for yourself? If you haven’t started, it’s OKAY. It is never too late to start. Even if you made one little step towards it, that’s all that matters.
My resolution was to find ways to better my anxiety. Having a 5 year old and an infant can definitely boost up my anxiety, but what I’ve learned and taught myself was ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect.’, ‘The dishes don’t need to be washed immediately.’, ‘It is okay if your schedule and daily routine go out of whack.’ ‘It’s okay if there are baby and kid’s toys all over the place in every room’. After teaching myself to have that mentality, I have lessened the stress and anxiety on myself because I know the dishes will eventually be washed, those toys will eventually be put away, your routine will fall back into place, maybe out of order, but things will get done. I’ve also given myself ‘me time’ each day. Kids are in bed at the same time each night which frees up my evening to finish anything I may need to do, catch up on show, watch a movie, sip on some wine or tea, take a nice bubble bath, meditate, go to bed early. What I’ve been wanting to start doing is waking up a tad earlier than the little ones so I can squeeze in some morning exercise or yoga. Goals and resolutions do not have to be made at the beginning of the year. New ones can be made this month, next month, in October, whenever! Sometimes those thoughts just pop up in your head like me wanting to wake up earlier to fit in exercise.
How have you been doing since January? How are you doing mentally? How are you feeling emotionally? I believe check-ins are always so helpful, even if you’re checking in with your own self. It gives you that little bit of time to reflect.
If you have the time after reading this journal, take a few minutes to reflect on the last 6 months. Write down your reflections, your feelings, what you’ve accomplished, what you would like to start working on, any goals for yourself for this month/next month, any positive changes that need to be made, mistakes you’ve learned and overcame. If you would like to make it a habit, try and do it every month. I love writing things down because it gives my thoughts a chance to flow and to me, it is also a great stress reliever. If you don't like to write, just go to a quiet space in your home or relaxing outside without added distraction to give yourself that time.
I do have goals for the upcoming months, and you know what? Even though I wish those goals could happen already, I am taking it one day at a time because those goals will be accomplished whether it’s this year, next year, or the following. Do not be discouraged if you feel as if it is taking forever to reach your goal. Baby steps still gets you closer to your goal and remember that great things take time. Teach yourself to let go and to be patient.
If you would like to share something you’ve reflected on, comment below! This is a judgement-free zone. 😊
I hope you all are having a better year than the last and if it still feels the same, don’t give up.. it will get better.
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