Discover What Makes You Happy

Discover What Makes You Happy

What is happiness? It can seem like such an easy question to answer, but does each person really have the same definition of the word ‘happiness’ as the next person? Happiness plays such an important role and can make a huge impact in every single person’s life. It’s so easy to forget what makes one happy than it is to figure it out.

One of the most difficult things we can all agree on is finding or continuing to do what bring joy into our lives. We all get so busy with everyday life that we forget to take a pause out of the day or week to focus on ourselves. When that happens, there is a high possibility of slowly losing yourself and we suddenly become robots of doing the same routine every single day. For certain people, it can make them happy, but is there something else missing that will make them a bit happier? The main obstacle people face and get stuck on is how to begin the journey towards happiness and what can be done to ensure that the things that bring or once brought joy into our lives don’t ever stop.

Where does happiness begin?

If you haven’t quite discovered what makes you happy, you’re not alone. People can live through life thinking they are happy until they take a step back to see if they truly believe it. The best way to figure out what makes you happy is to start with a fresh clean slate. What are your likes and dislikes? Do you have certain hobbies that you’ve done earlier in life that you loved or have forgotten or is there something new you’ve been wanting to try? Is there a certain want or need? Do you prefer to have many friends or a tight circle? Are there certain people you need to distance yourself from? Do you love the city you live in or do you want a fresh new scenery? These are just a few of the many questions you can ask yourself when it comes to breaking down certain aspects in life of what makes you happy and what doesn’t. The very first question you should ask yourself is, “Who am I?” It may seem like a silly thing to ask yourself, but as mentioned above, one can lose themselves as an individual because they are focused on everything else.

Keeping a notebook for daily reflections.

The best way to finding out what makes you happy is to keep a personal notebook. Reflecting every night about your day is a great way to finding the inner truth about what brings you happiness. Write down something that happened each day that brought you joy, something you didn’t like, or something you would’ve change or done differently. Next, think about why it made you happy and jot it down. As you begin to write everything down, you will start to see a pattern and you will slowly begin to follow that pattern until it comes naturally.

Have you ever written a letter to someone that you’ve been upset with or has anyone ever told you to do so? The reasoning behind this is because you get to take a step back and use that time to reflect on the situation and the emotions that were brought to the surface during that time. Keeping a personal notebook is the exact same concept. You are taking to time to reflect on yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Doing this may seem like a lot of time and effort, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Making YOU your first priority.

Once you begin to discover what makes you happy, create that permanent space for it and don’t ever lose focus. Making excuses and making sure everyone else is happy seems a bit easier than finding the time to do what makes our own self happy. Yes, life is always running at a fast pace, but we need to slow down and make the time, not find the time, in doing what we love. You can still do what makes you happy and still take care of your family and friends. If you are happy, then those happy and positive vibes will reflect onto those that surround you.

The importance of self-love and self-care.

Is self-love and self-care essential when it comes to being happy? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Happiness is not something you wait for to come your way and it is not something that is earned. It is something you deserve and is created by you and only you. Just remember, don’t depend on others to make you happy. If you are waiting for someone to make you happy, you may be a waiting a good while. You must make yourself happy first and the other person should add onto that happiness. Happiness begins within us and it all starts with both self-love and self-care. The only way to start living a happy positive life is to truly be happy with yourself. The very moment you begin to love both your inner soul and beautiful skin, everything will change for the better. When we start to incorporate healthy habits, we start to feel good about ourselves. When we make the time to wind down with a nice bubble bath after the kids are in bed, reading a book, meditating somewhere peaceful, taking a hike to get away from the city, or getting a beautiful spray tan, we are able to reboot ourselves. Each day, make it a habit to do one thing for yourself, even if it’s for 15 minutes.

In conclusion, there will never be a limit on the amount of happiness one is supposed to have, and it is never too late to start finding it. Even if you have found your happiness, never stop striving for it. Of course, we will have those days when nothing goes our way, but how you react to those certain situations will determine the outcome. Do what makes you excited each day without the fear and judgement from the world. Once you’re happy, your whole perspective on life changes. Be confident, feel confident, and don’t be afraid to show it.

Keep calm and glow on.

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