THE BASICS + USES /// the smooth kit

THE BASICS + USES /// the smooth kit


Welcome to the basics / THE BLOG EDITION !  I am so happy you are here.  Today I will be walking you through the basics of THE SMOOTH KIT. 

We created this kit to be able to facilitate the most natural hair removal method in an at home version for everybody wanting to remove unwanted hair.  I am so passionate about sugaring hair removal because I have seen first hand the benefits & results from consistent sugaring.  It has completely transformed my life & I am so happy we can help you do the same!

Lets jump right into it.

Why did we make this? We wanted to re create the salon/in-studio professional sugaring experience at home, so we did just that.  We put together 3 key steps within the hair removal process to ensure a successful hair removal session at home.

THE USES /// Let's start with THE POWDER.



a daily body powder

a post self tan powder

a prep powder for hair removal

a dry shampoo

a powder for intimate areas

THE POWDER is your best friend, specially in the Texas heat.  It can be used as an everyday "keep me dry powder", in your shoes to absorb moisture, in your self tanning routine as a post protect powder to seal the tan and prevent it from streaking. This powder is also used as a prep powder to control moisture build up like sweat when sugaring.  Sprinkle a tiny bit to your scalp as this powder will help absorb excess oils (dry shampoo should only be used 1-2 times weekly, it does not replace your normal shampooing). Refresh your intimate areas with a little bit of our all natural powder.  Our powder is all natural therefore can be used on both face & body. 


/// THE SUGAR / 

a hair removal paste

A low maintenance routine for your hair removal needs.  If there is something I love more than a multi purpose product it would have to be a low maintenance hair removal routine.  When shaving daily is no longer a necessity, you will find yourself falling in love with sugaring hair removal.  It truly is a game changer.  In my personal experience it has transformed my skin & has freed up my time. That's a win, win. 


/// THE BALM /

a facial moisturizer

a body moisturizer

an after shave moisturizer

an after sugar moisturizer

a beard moisturizer

a hand moisturizer

a primer

THE BALM is your all day go to. From a facial & body moisturizer to an after hair removal moisturizer this balm is perfect product for your daily use.  One reason I love this balm is the consistency of it, it is not your typical balm that comes in an almost paste form, the consistency of this balm is an in between a lotion and a paste.  This is super helpful when applying it, it goes on super easy & doesn't get in your nails like traditional balms do and a little bit goes a long way!  Because it is packed with organic cold press oils it really doubles down on keeping the skin super hydrated for a long period of time! 


I hope I covered all of the basics here about our products and its uses, please comment below with any questions or comments! 

Until next time! #findyourwellb

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