THE BASICS + USES /// the daily kit

THE BASICS + USES /// the daily kit

Welcome to the basics / THE BLOG EDITION !  I am so happy you are here.  Today I will be walking you through the basics of THE DAILY KIT. 

We created this kit with functionality, versatility & simplicity at its core. I am a function over beauty-ish type of person (yes, beauty-ish because I still want something beautiful but if it doesn't serve a solid purpose then it's not worth my time & effort). 

Lets jump right into it.

Why did we make this? We had an overflowing of choices when we created this kit but I wanted to make something that would provide the most uses. 

THE USES /// here is where it gets juicy. Let's start with THE OIL.


/// THE OIL /

a facial cleanser (YES, even works with oily skin!)

a facial moisturizer

a makeup remover (YES, even waterproof makeup!)

a body moisturizer

a beard cleanser

a beard oil

a cuticle oil

a hair oil

Because we use all natural ingredients and no mineral oils, fillers, chemicals, etc  THE OIL can be used for the full face, body & hair.  It is amazing how many products you are able to replace just with this one multi-use, uni-scent powerhouse.  Uni-scent? Yes, all of our products are made with essential oil blends inspired by nature not by gender.  Making this a neutral & staple selection for the home. Let's continue with one of my all time favorites aside from THE OIL, THE BALM.


/// THE BALM /

a facial moisturizer

a body moisturizer

an after shave moisturizer

an after sugar moisturizer

a beard moisturizer

a hand moisturizer

a primer

THE BALM is your all day go to. From a facial & body moisturizer to an after hair removal moisturizer this balm is perfect product for your daily use.  One reason i love this balm is the consistency of it, it is not your typical balm that comes in an almost paste form, the consistency of this balm is an in between a lotion and a paste.  This is super helpful when applying it, it goes on super easy & doesn't get in your nails like traditional balms do and a little bit goes a long way!  Because it is packed with organic cold press oils it really doubles down on keeping the skin super hydrated for a long period of time! On to THE SPF30, this here is your new favorite product to achieve that no make up look.


/// THE SPF 30 / 

a tinted SPF 30

a facial bb cream

a facial foundation

a facial primer (for sun protection & added coverage)

a body SPF 30

A low maintenance routine you will truly enjoy.  This SPF 30 balm is perfect to give you a hint of color (can be buildable for additional coverage) and rest assure you have your sun care needs all in one product. One thing I love about this product is that it can be used for both the face and the body and it doesn't leave your skin with a white residue after application.  Also, the size of this product is pretty big for its type so you get so much more product for the price! 


I hope I covered all of the basics here about our products and its uses, please comment below with any questions or comments! 

Until next time! #findyourwellb


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