Kits / faq's

  • What does uni-size mean?
    • Uni-size means our products are considered both a full size & travel size.  We chose this option as it provides the best of both world without taking too much space in your home.  It is known that most often the travel size products tend to go to waste and it's an added expense to the consumer.  To avoid that we created our product sizing as big as allowed for travel.  A much more cost effective option to the end consumer.
  • How long can I expect my kit to last?
    • Our kits are sized to last up to 3 months ( although the shelf life is 6-9 months due to the nature of all natural ingredients ). 
      • Our glowy kit (self tanning kit) can last 2 months with weekly usage.  You can get about 8-12 partial tans (face + chest + neck & arms) & about 4-6 full body tans. Thats about $9.50 per full body tan with our professional self tan product.  
      • Our smooth kit can last up to 3 months depending on the areas that you are sugaring.  If you are sugaring face only (lip, chin, sideburns etc) you can expect it to last even longer than the 3 months!  If you use it for bikini, underarms & face it may only last 1-2 months.  If you are a kit subscriber you save 20% each and every month + you get free shipping & your sugaring cost for getting sugared is about $26 per doing the entire face, a lot less if only doing the lip, chin etc.  
      • Our daily kit is one that may be replaced a little sooner since it is something you use on the daily.  Expect to replace your daily kit every 2 months if not sooner.  

These are estimate amounts and may vary by user.  See here the amount of products that you can replace with each of our multi-purpose products! 

  • Can the kits be used by both men & women?
    • Yes! Our kits are uni-scent and can be used by anyone!  Our uni-scents are inspired by nature and are gender neutral.  You will love the scents, I promise!
  • How can I save on my kits?
    • You are able to get the biggest savings by subscribing to either the product or the kit.  You save 15% on the individual product & 20% on the kit.  It is so cost effective to subscribe plus you get free shipping!
  • What is the limited edition kit?
    • The limited edition kit is our 6 products (the entire WELLB collection).  We will only make 100 of these kits so be sure to get one before they sell out.  We will also be gifting you a #findyourwellb succulent with your (limited edition kit).
  • Please reach our if you have any questions, we are here to help!
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